Aldo Photography

Symbiosis of Art, Technology, and Nature.

A very unique kind of creativity, coupled with unparalleled technical expertise by definition should produce a very distinctive artistic style. Meet Aldo, a relentless pursuer of excellence in area of digital photography!  His ability to see what other people, even artists, are missing – is truly amazing.

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It was an honor they choose 4 of my photos including the 2019 Cover Calendar winner (9 Mile Creek)

Mother Nature’s Medium: Explorations with Wood at the Arboretum

3rd Place: Geese flying over Minnehaha Creek at Big Willow Park.

1st Place: Sunset on Minnehaha Creek from the new pedestrian bridge at the Burwell House in Minnetonka.

Arb member Aldo Abelleira took this amazing photo on the grounds.